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Discover a whole new world of adventure with the Backpack Edition hard and soft side bakkie campers by Palomino. These bakkie campers are designed to fit a wide range of bakkie on the road today. The spacious living quarters are complete with all the features you would find in a much larger RV.

Choose one of seven soft side models, or one of six hard side units. There are three hard side MAX models that each have one or two slides for added space inside, and allow you four season camping comfort.

With thirteen models in all to choose from there is sure to be the perfect one for your bakkie and your adventurous needs. What are you waiting for, get your bakkie its very own Backpack and head out for a weekend of fun!


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No Licenses Fees, Registrations, or Roadworthy required

No Tyres – no Wheel Bearings – No Towing - less wear and tear on car and $$$$ tool gates etc.

Outside features, 4 manual or electrical camper jacks to raise and lower camper on and off vehicle / bakkie allowing the camper to be a free standing self-contained unit independent.  Very compact easy for self-storage and will fit in to any single garage or car port.

Pop up sort side roof gives low profile for less wind drag and resistance when being transported on vehicle / bakkie.

When camper sides are fully erected the inside height is 1,8 meters high and weighs +- 550Kg.  The rear door has double locking dead bolts for extra safety and peace of mind.

The outside of the camper has external power hook ups, 220 volt to run all out door and inside lights refrigerator water pumps and all house hold appliances including outside electrical plugs.  Hook up for city water and 12 volt connectors for battery charging port or sola panel supply ,

Outside compartment for LP gas storage tank supplied with hot water outdoor shower

The roof is equipped with two sky lights, one extractor / blower fan and one sky light venting fan, with one large exit window. And complete unzipable windows with mosquito netting tinted vinyl windows.

Each side of camper has two tie down hooks for securing campers to the Bed of bakkie.


Large entrance door with balance handles to hold on to. On the left upon entering is the on/off power supply and roof up/down operating systems - with overriding capability. All the campers power systems’ are operated from here.

Double / Queen size bed with inner spring Serta mattress and under bed storage and LED lighting.

All electrical power supply is accessed on the fuse panel breaker box with 5 AC/DC 220 volt electrical power outlets inside and 12 volt plug TV antenna hook up.  Below the sink, under the foot box, is a water storage battery box and water drainage.

The table is removable and can be stored under the bed.  All campers are equipped with smoke and Co2 (Carbon Monoxide) detectors.  There are 5 different storage compartments and draws for dishes. It also has:

Privacy curtain for bed

Two burner stove

Refrigerator with freezer

Cabin heater with climate control

In-line water filter

Pop through window to cab



Black water holding tanks

Entry steeps

Portable toilet

Electric motors for leg jacks

Back and side awnings

Key FOB for remote roof lifting

Stereo system with speakers

DVD player and stand

Dolly system to move camper around on

Vern Landey started the Palomino Camping Trailer story in a small town in Minnesota, USA, way back in 1968. Later bought out by Forest River Inc, this top builder of recreational vehicles is part of the massive Berkshire Hathaway stable.

Palomino RV operates as a separate division of Forest River, Inc., and is one of the top 5 RV manufacturers in North America with over 300 national and international dealers representing, selling and servicing the Palomino Brand.

Greg Renault - originally from Durban - who lived in America for some 29 years, decided to import the fully-completed Palomino to South Africa after touring in the camper and loving every moment of it!

You can be rest assured that Palomino RV will be there to stand behind your investment. Palomino RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, one of the world's largest holding companies with a market capitalization of well over 150 billion dollars.

There is not another RV manufacturer in the industry that has the financial backing behind them like Palomino RV.


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At Palomino RV, we are able to produce RV's with top quality materials and techniques at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

​​​​​​​You will notice more features on a Palomino from larger windows and longer awnings to name brand appliances and furniture. 

All of this adds up to a better value and a great return on your investment.

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The creation of innovation as a staple business practice has moved companies in some amazing directions.  At Palomino RV design and innovation is a major key to our success.

We know it is the details that set a Palomino apart and put us ahead of the competition. We strive to design and build an RV that not only functions seamlessly but offers a touch of elegance.


On the surface defining quality seems easy: it is that which is good. But soon we discover that it is not only what is good, it is what stands out. Our executive management and production management teams combine for over 200 years of experience building quality RV's!


Every unit we build and ship goes through extensive quality tests and checks to help ensure memorable camping experiences.​​​​​​​

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